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I was first diagnosed with malignant brain tumors on 11-20-08 and I finished treatment for those on 4-13-09. I was recently diagnosed with a recurrence on 12-08-09. I set up this blog so people could follow along with my progress and keep up with what is going on in my treatment. I also wanted to put up information from my first go round so people could learn a little bit about what happened to me before.
The blog is set up with the newest posts first. Sometimes I will post stories from my first experience, in which casse it will be slightly out of order, but the titles will let you know. If you want to look at older posts, which may provide a better idea of the whole picture, use the "Blog Archive" tool on the right side of the page to browse them. The titles of the posts should be pretty self-explanatory. If you don't really know that much about me, or what happened, you should check out these two posts first: this one about what's happening now, and this one about my first experience.
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Back Home, Finally

I finally got home on March 30th after being in the hospital since the 5th. Needless to say I'm so happy to be home.
The last week and a half in the hospital was a little crazy. About 4 days after getting my cells back I got a fever and 3 bacterial infections and had to be transfered to the ICU. I don't remember too much about the first few days in the ICU, but apparently my blood pressure was dangerously low and I had fluid build up in my lungs. I had to wear a special pressurized oxygen mask to help me breath for a few days. After a few days I stabilized and just had to stay in the ICU until they had an isolation room ready for me back on the Oncology floor.

There's a lot of stuff to cover about the last month, which I'll do at some point soon in the future, but for now I just want to put up a post to let people know that I'm home, and have been home a little over a week now.
I don't feel great, I'm really tired and I've lost almost all my muscle mass, so I'm really weak. I got a walker and it is huge help, I'm able to make it around semi-independently. I'm doing physical therapy to regain strength in my legs, so soon i should be able to walk unnassisted.
But all in all, I'm doing alright, and I'll update soon about the rest of March.


Further From The Truth said...

Glad to hear your back home. I'm impressed that you had muscle mass to begin with. I've always wanted some. Keep up the good work with the physical therapy, and I guarantee you'll be able to beat me in a race shortly.

Let me know when it's time to come over and say hello.

Tony said...

Good on you being home.

do you want me to send you some comics to read?

i want to know what you think about the shield when you finish reading it.